Monday, May 11, 2009

the end of job hunting?

Today, I’ve finished whole job interview that I left. Maybe I can enter a machine company next year but I’m not sure.
In fact, I had a job interview last Thursday then the president appeared. Although I practiced many time, I got extremely nervous at that time but the president was so kind man. I could talk with him smoothly. In the end of the interview, the president said that “If you would decide to enter this company, please call me.” I was amazed even I doubt the meaning of this word.
Since I heard this word, I’ve been tried to consider. I thought it means I have priority to enter this company or if I don’t have passion for this company, I don’t have the right to enter this company.
It’s complicated but I’d response about that until the end of this week. I’d continue to consider what the best way to choose is.

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Michael Stout said...

Congratulations Takamasa!!
I wish you all the best in your search for a good job.